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Boutique Blinds Stock an exceptionally large range of curtains from traditional to modern, new minimalism and bespoke glamour. Not matter your budget, look or feel you are after, we have everything you need to design to accommodate the look you require.


All our Australian Made products are made-to-measure for your convenience, ensuring that any product purchased from us will perfectly fit the intended space in your home or commercial application. Curtains have wonderful insulating properties which make them perfect for Melbourne’s or Australia’s unpredictable climate. Curtains are an excellent option when looking to impart elegance and soften a room, create privacy and partial view to outside during the day, and full privacy and darkness at night. Available in a variety of fabrics and styles, we provide Pinch-Pleated, S-fold or Eyelet designed curtains across Melbourne. Whether you have hand operated, chord or motorised operated tracks, we have curtains that suits all taste’s.

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